What’s wrong with MCB Lite card design?

MCB Lite

Note: I am not a UI/UX expert. I am just sharing my feelings about this design as a consumer and my little bit experience with design.

MCB Bank (One of Pakistan’s largest banks) recently introduced its branchless banking product “MCB Lite”. Somehow, as a consumer, I am not satisfied with the design of the card and I am going to share my thoughts about the card design.

The designer tried to give a feel of a smart phone to the card but somehow missed some very basic design principles. Smart phones, especially iPhone, have set very high standards of design and if someone is trying to design something which looks like a smart phone, they’d have to be extra careful. I don’t want to sound harsh but it looks like the card was designed by someone new to design. Printing quality is even worse.

MCB Lite

I tried to find out what’s wrong with the design and here are my findings:

And the list goes on….

MCB, I am disappointed by the quality of design (and printing) from a bank like you.

Why I no longer rely on online news [A confession]

It was a Saturday morning of November 2012 when I started observing tweets about Google Pakistan and Microsoft Pakistan websites getting hacked. I immediately checked both websites and they were really showing a message from some Turkish hacker. I did nslookup and nameservers were changed to some free hosting service provider. Obviously, Google and Microsoft were not hosting their websites on a free webhost. Actually they were not the only ones who were hacked, it was PKNIC. I quickly did a reverse whois, randomly checked a few of them. All of them were showing the same page. There were 284 domains pointing to those specific nameservers. What? 284 domains hacked and people are talking about just 2 domains. This must be a mega news. I quickly tweeted this:

The tweet went viral and picked up by many news agencies and blogs. There are still many tweets in twitter search results:

Many referred me and many presented it without mentioning the reference pretending it as their own news.

Here are some of them:

And some blogs & news sites in other languages which I don’t understand:

Not only this, the 284 figure was also published by print media. Here is a news item from The News Pakistan (By Pakistan’s largest newspaper group):

The News

So, as you can see that each and every news site and blog was after the news and everyone was publishing it in his own words. What went wrong here? Did anyone ask any of these blogs or news site for a list of 284 domains hacked? Did they publish such a list?

The confession part

I tweeted and went for my breakfast. After having the breakfast I decided to publish the list of these hacked domains. As I started reviewing the hacked domains list, I noticed that I made a big mistake while counting hacked domains. There were 2 name servers pointing to that specific free hosting provider and I counted all the domains pointing to any of those 2 name servers. So actually, there were just 142 domains each one counted twice. Now I was extra careful before publishing anything. I checked the name server change history of all of those domains and noticed that only 110 were changed in last 24 hours. What about rest of the 32 domains pointing to that specific name server? All of them were showing real websites hosted by that free hosting provider and they were not hacked. I verified twice and published the list here. My blog was getting a huge traffic spike at that time. A lot of news sites and blogs picked up the list immediately and updated their news articles. This is how the online news world works. They pick up the news items from whatever source they can get it and publish it immediately without verifying anyhing.

Exceptional Performance without mod_pagespeed or apache (Page Speed score:99)

At last I have managed to get Google Page Speed Score of 99 and YSlow score of 97 for this blog. As mentioned earlier, this blog is generated using Pelican and deployed on heroku Cedar Stack which supports Python applications. It is served from great wsgi app called ‘static‘, gunicorn and gevent. I had to make a lot of changes in static to make it possible.

Gzip Compression

As we are serving static content, there is no need to compress the content with each and every request. We can have gzipped content generated along with the other static content and serve it when requested. This approach, in my opinion, is faster than on-the-fly gzip compression used by nginx and apache. We can save CPU time used to compress the content with each request. I used gzip_cache plugin to generate the gzipped version of all my content. Next step was to serve this static content when requested. Static does not support this by default. I had to modify it a little bit. It tries to find the gzipped copy of the content, if gzipped content request is received.

Leverage browser caching

This is purely handled by the HTTP Server serving the content. Again I had to make a few changes in static to enable caching. I tried to keep the syntax similar to Apache’s ExpiresByType. Expire time can be specified in seconds against each mime type.

Specify a character set

Again this is purely handled by the HTTP Server and I had to make a few changes in static to make it possible. Just like Expires headers, I tried to keep the syntax similar to apache’s AddCharset. Charset can be set for filename patterns.

Minify resources & Combine external resources

Using assets plugin to combine and minify resources which further uses web assets. This is done offline, so no minification & combining overhead here.

Optimize images

Lossless compression of images was done using jpegtran and optipng. This task was automated by writing a pelican plugin. Again, done offline, so no CPU needed to serve optimized images.

Remove unused CSS

This blog template was designed using twitter bootstrap and lots of custom css. Even after combining and minification, the size was 130KB. I used mincss to find unused css and remove it. Now the CSS is just 14KB (4KB gzipped). I had to re-add some styles which were used on other pages. Once again, done offline and at design time only.

What’s still missing?

Specify image dimensions

Being responsive design, it is not possible to send all images with image dimensions specified. The images resize themselves according to the screen size. Although, we could use some javascript to determine screen size and resize images accordingly, but this would have its own overheads.

Leverage browser caching for external resources

This blog uses only one external resource ga.js, which is the javascript file used by Google Analytics. It comes with Expires headers of 12 hours. There has been a lot of discussion about caching and serving it from one’s own servers but I guess anything like this would be overkill. ga.js is so common, that it is probably downloaded by some other website already.

Using CDN for static content

This task is in my todo and I am still looking for a good (preferably free) CDN.

Twitter users in Pakistan [Part-II]

This blog post is continuation of Part-I. The sample data is increased to 150K Pakistani tweeps now.


Follower count is no longer a good influence measure. On average each Pakistani tweep gets followed by 129 users. Majority of Pakistanis (about 3/4th) have less than 50 followers. Half of Pakistani twitter users have less than 10 followers. There are about 10,000 tweeps with no follower and about 12,000 tweeps with single follower. This is a very strange trend. If you look deeply into these accounts, you’ll notice that most of them are with default DP and default background. It seems like these are fake accounts, created by social media cells of different political parties to increase follower count of their leaders on twitter.

On the other side, there are just 24 Pakistani’s with more than 50,000 followers. Most of them are politicians and TV anchors. Just 2331 tweeps have more than 1000 followers.

Followers of Pakistani twitter users


Klout is more reliable social media influence measure. Out of 150,000 Pakistani tweeps about 40,000 do not have any klout score. About 70,000 have their klout between 11-20. Average klout score is 16.72. About 12,000 have the minimum possible score 10.

Only 22 users have scored above 70 score.

Klout of Pakistani twitter users

Here is the list of most influential Pakistanis (klout: 70+)

Note: This score may have changed when you’re reading this article.

Most commonly used words in Pakistani tweeps profiles

For this analysis, description of about 150,000 Pakistani tweeps was used. Out of 150K only about 77K (about 51%) users have set description field in their twitter profiles.

Excluding punctuations and stopwords, following is the list of most commonly used words by Pakistani tweeps in their profiles.

  1. love
  2. pakistan
  3. student
  4. follow
  5. like
  6. life
  7. pakistani
  8. engineer
  9. cricket
  10. social

Technology used was FreqDist and stopwords of nltk.

Moving my blog from posterous to Pelican


I do not want to start this blog post by bashing Posterous. Posterous is a great blogging tool for quickly making blog posts. A couple of years back, some of its unique features convinced me to move my blog from wordpress to posterous. Posterous offered custom domain name for free whereas wordpress was charging for it. I really liked the email to blog post feature, although I never used it other than testing it a couple of times. Another amazing feature of posterous was detecting and making beautiful widgets for external objects like YouTube, github gist etc.

Posterous provides some nice templates but I wanted to have more control over presentation. A few days back youtube was blocked in Pakistan. Some misconfiguration caused problem in loading other google sites. This affected the sites using resources from google like javascripts for google analytics, google maps etc. Same thing happened with my site. The template, I was using was consuming some resources from google. I don’t know why but it was there and there was no way to remove it. So, the end result was a slowly loading page for Pakistani audience.

Another problem was how posterous modifies the HTML of the blog post. Again, I wanted to have more control on my blog post presentation. Inserting a table in a blog post was a trivial task. The WYSIWYG editor cannot handle table, even if it is copy pasted. I had to manually draft HTML and paste it in HTML part of the WYSIWYG editor. And it gets modified when rendered :-(

Using SSGs

The idea of SSG is amazing. Why do I need a dynamic setup for content which is hardly going to be modified in a month. I tried Jekyll & Pelican and decided to use Pelican. Why Pelican? It was because of my biasedness towards Python. Jekyll is an equally good or may be better SSG.

Being a geek, I like writing in plain text editors more than WYSIWYG editors. Writing in Markdown and reStructuredText is fun. One can keep his energies focused on writing rather than formatting the content. My content is saved as content not as HTML markup. It has better revision mangement using git or any other version control system. This can easily be imported to any other application. The content is saved in files, not in DB. I can write offline and publish when I am online.

I have full control over the page rendered. I can design and optimize it as I want. I do not have to worry about security or scaling as all the content is purely static.

User Experience & Minimalism

I am not a UX expert but I do not want a lot of distractions in my content. Here is what I did to improve UX:


Jekyll provides a posterous importer but Pelican does not. Currently pelican provides only following imports:

For posterous I had to write my own importer which consumes Posterous API. Here is the code:

def posterous2fields(api_token, email, password):
    """Imports posterous posts"""
    import base64
    from datetime import datetime, timedelta
    import simplejson as json
    import urllib2

    def get_posterous_posts(api_token, email, password, page = 1):
        base64string = base64.encodestring('%s:%s' % (email, password)).replace('\n', '')
        url = "http://posterous.com/api/v2/users/me/sites/primary/posts?api_token=%s&page=%d" % (api_token, page)
        request = urllib2.Request(url)
        request.add_header("Authorization", "Basic %s" % base64string)
        handle = urllib2.urlopen(request)
        posts = json.loads(handle.read())
        return posts

    page = 1
    posts = get_posterous_posts(api_token, email, password, page)
    while len(posts) > 0:
        posts = get_posterous_posts(api_token, email, password, page)
        page += 1

        for post in posts:
            slug = post.get('slug')
            if not slug:
                slug = slugify(post.get('title'))
            tags = [tag.get('name') for tag in post.get('tags')]
            raw_date = post.get('display_date')
            date_object = datetime.strptime(raw_date[:-6], "%Y/%m/%d %H:%M:%S")
            offset = int(raw_date[-5:])
            delta = timedelta(hours = offset / 100)
            date_object -= delta
            date = date_object.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M")

            yield (post.get('title'), post.get('body_cleaned'), slug, date, 
                post.get('user').get('display_name'), [], tags, "html")

The above code produced pelican fields which can later be passed to fields2pelican which uses pandoc to tranform html content to markdown or reStructuredText.


The site is deployed on heroku Cedar Stack which supports Pyhton applications. It is served from great wsgi app called ‘static‘, gunicorn and gevent.

Update: Using my own fork of static for performance tweaks.

110 .PK domains managed by MarkMonitor got hacked by turkish hackers

Google.com.pk hacked screenshot

Here is the list of domain managed by MarkMonitor and have their nameservers pointing to dns2.freehostia.com & dns1.freehostia.com

  1. biofreeze.com.pk
  2. blackstone.pk
  3. blogspot.pk
  4. itunes.pk
  5. gmails.pk
  6. zynga.com.pk
  7. chrome.com.pk
  8. chrome.pk
  9. visa.com.pk
  10. bx.com.pk
  11. abbvie.com.pk
  12. abbvie.pk
  13. cgma.pk
  14. chacos.com.pk
  15. cimacpa.pk
  16. cisco.pk
  17. ciscosystems.pk
  18. blogspot.com.pk
  19. cpacima.pk
  20. cpaintl.pk
  21. cpaldglobal.pk
  22. cpalwglobal.pk
  23. drivealliance.pk
  24. eastman.biz.pk
  25. eastman.net.pk
  26. eastman.org.pk
  27. ebay.pk
  28. monatin.pk
  29. everyblock.pk
  30. youtube.pk
  31. 3com.web.pk
  32. hp.web.pk
  33. revlon.pk
  34. streetwear.pk
  35. windows7.pk
  36. windows8.pk
  37. windowsrt.pk
  38. yahoo.pk
  39. yahoomaktoob.pk
  40. zynga.pk
  41. firstdirect.com.pk
  42. flickr.pk
  43. fordgofurther.pk
  44. gbuzz.pk
  45. gmailbuzz.pk
  46. gmail.pk
  47. googlebrowser.com.pk
  48. google.pk
  49. googlebuzz.pk
  50. googlechrome.com.pk
  51. abbviepharmaceuticals.pk
  52. abbviepharmaceuticals.com.pk
  53. hewlettpackard.pk
  54. hexagon.com.pk
  55. hsbcamanah.biz.pk
  56. hotmail.com.pk
  57. hpcloud.com.pk
  58. hp.com.pk
  59. hpscalene.com.pk
  60. hsbc.biz.pk
  61. hsbcadvance.com.pk
  62. hsbc.pk
  63. hsbcpremier.com.pk
  64. hsbcprivatebank.biz.pk
  65. hsbcamanah.com.pk
  66. hsbcdirect.com.pk
  67. hsbcnet.com.pk
  68. hsbcpremier.biz.pk
  69. hsbcpremier.pk
  70. hsbcprivatebank.com.pk
  71. investdirect.biz.pk
  72. investdirect.com.pk
  73. ipod.pk
  74. jaiku.pk
  75. kellyservices.com.pk
  76. maktoob.pk
  77. markmonitor.pk
  78. microsoftsmartglass.com.pk
  79. microsoftsmartglass.pk
  80. xboxsmartglass.com.pk
  81. xboxsmartglass.pk
  82. msn.org.pk
  83. windowsstore.pk
  84. windowsstore.com.pk
  85. opteron.com.pk
  86. parkplaza.pk
  87. paypal.pk
  88. postini.pk
  89. scalene.com.pk
  90. schwab.biz.pk
  91. schwab.com.pk
  92. sonystyle.com.pk
  93. streetwear.com.pk
  94. theworldslocalbank.com.pk
  95. genapp.pk
  96. genapp.com.pk
  97. generationapp.pk
  98. generationapp.com.pk
  99. windows.com.pk
  100. windows7.com.pk
  101. windows8.com.pk
  102. 3com.biz.pk
  103. 3com.fam.pk
  104. 3com.net.pk
  105. 3com.org.pk
  106. gchrome.com.pk
  107. aicpacima.pk
  108. apple.pk
  109. google.com.pk
  110. microsoft.pk

Twitter users in Pakistan

According to some reports there are about 1.9M twitter users in Pakistan. This was mentioned by someone in #SOCMM12 but there doesn’t seem to be any source of this information.

I had been collecting twitter data for quite some time. Sample data contains more than 100K Pakistani twitter users crawled using twitter API. Only public profiles who have mentioned Pakistan or some pakistani city name in their profile were considered for this analysis. This data contains almost all active tweeple of Pakistan.

Here are the results of data analysis:

Geological location:

About half of Pakistani tweeps live in major cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad/Rawalpindi.

  • 24.5% in Punjab (just 64.4% of them in Lahore, rest in other cities of punjab)
  • 21.6% in Sindh (with 92.6% of them in Karachi)
  • 10.0% in Islamabad
  • 2.6% in KPK (with 58.7% of them in Peshawar)
  • 0.96% in Balochistan
  • 0.45% in Azad Kashmir


gender.c, with custom names database of more than 5,000 names, was used on first names in twitter profiles:

Gender of twitter users in Pakistan

Names (first name):

Most common male names:

  • Syed
  • Ali
  • Abdul
  • Usman
  • Imran
  • Bilal
  • Hassan
  • Waqas
  • Mohammad
  • M
  • salman

Most common female names:

  • Ayesha
  • sana
  • Fatima
  • Amna
  • Noor
  • Sara
  • Hina
  • Sarah
  • Maryam
  • Rabia
  • Hira
  • Sidra

Verified Twitter Accounts:

There are only 6 of them:

Who has the most followers in Pakistan?

As you can see from the results, follower count is no longer an influence measure. Our politicians and media person are running after the follower count. To achieve this, they hire services which artificially increase the follower count using some techniques or bogus accounts. By looking at the followers list of any famous politician, you’ll realize that many of the followers are with default dp, no follower, very few baseless statuses and a few tweeple following. I am trying to make a list with klout score of tweeps. This list will be published soon.

Here is a list of top Pakistani tweeple according to their follower count:

Note: The follower count may have increased or decreased by the time you’re reading this. Note2: If you feel that I have missed any person, please feel free to comment and I will update the list.

  1. @ImranKhanPTI - 410807 followers
  2. @KamalFaridi - 361204 followers
  3. @tariqnoorkhan - 264988 followers
  4. @AliZafarsays - 185403 followers
  5. @MubasherLucman - 150700 followers
  6. @ilovebenazir - 137361 followers
  7. @IhtishamKhan4U - 129611 followers
  8. @wasimakramlive - 111193 followers
  9. @fbhutto - 107669 followers
  10. @GizmoCrazed - 96746 followers
  11. @HamidMirGEO - 93936 followers
  12. @twitter_ur - 91618 followers
  13. @wordinvestor - 81079 followers
  14. @marvi_memon - 74384 followers
  15. @farhanmasood - 74039 followers
  16. @najamsethi - 69335 followers
  17. @ReallyVirtual - 67225 followers
  18. @PTIofficial - 57486 followers
  19. @husainhaqqani - 57301 followers
  20. @CMShehbaz - 55129 followers
  21. @sanabucha - 52948 followers
  22. @SenRehmanMalik - 50572 followers
  23. @TaimurAsad - 49346 followers
  24. @sherryrehman - 42597 followers
  25. @Emateinc - 41304 followers
  26. @BakhtawarBZ - 40733 followers
  27. @FarrukhSiddiqui - 38740 followers
  28. @TalatHussain12 - 38517 followers
  29. @AajKamranKhan - 37570 followers
  30. @HassanNisarPK - 36504 followers
  31. @zainshahzad3 - 36220 followers
  32. @DawarAShah - 35550 followers
  33. @PunjabiProblems - 34796 followers
  34. @Nadsms - 34631 followers
  35. @LinkedInExpert1 - 34147 followers
  36. @etribune - 32022 followers
  37. @SocializedWeb - 31959 followers
  38. @tweetfestme - 31134 followers
  39. @Asma_Jahangir - 29912 followers
  40. @BoomPakistan - 29755 followers
  41. @JahanzaibPTI - 29108 followers
  42. @marvisirmed - 28903 followers
  43. @ashraf_chaudhry - 28514 followers
  44. @onlywaqas - 28463 followers
  45. @shehrbanotaseer - 27868 followers
  46. @MaryamNSharif - 27574 followers
  47. @stepan_manukyan - 27404 followers
  48. @ShkhRasheed - 26863 followers
  49. @dawn_com - 26499 followers
  50. @Mehmal - 26293 followers
  51. @NasimZehra - 26064 followers
  52. @sharmilafaruqi - 25424 followers
  53. @NadeemfParacha - 25292 followers

When Pakistanis joined twitter?

Only 7 account were registered in 2006:

  • @vak - Wed Aug 30 07:27:50 +0000 2006
  • @ayazshah - Mon Oct 02 10:53:34 +0000 2006
  • @KO - Tue Oct 10 08:35:25 +0000 2006
  • @efrg - Thu Nov 23 08:32:41 +0000 2006
  • @Nash - Fri Nov 24 20:15:26 +0000 2006
  • @marsonearth - Tue Dec 05 14:03:11 +0000 2006
  • @FreshFarhan - Sat Dec 23 18:36:01 +0000 2006

And then:

  • In 2007, 324 accounts were registered
  • In 2008, 1294 accounts were registered
  • In 2009, 13677 accounts were registered
  • In 2010, 24035 accounts were registered
  • In 2011, 31659 accounts were registered
  • In 2012, 34908 accounts were registered

Who tweets a lot?

Although this information is not important, just sharing it for fun. Most of the accounts in this list are bots. Skipping the bots and sharing the real persons only :-)

Update: See [Part-II]

These governament websites are not safe for your computer

According to www.stopbadware.org and ESET following government websites contain malwares and they are NOT safe for your computer.

Government website backlinks (Pakistan)

Getting a backlinks from government websites has always been a dream of SEO experts. In Pakistan many government websites are linking to a lot of other websites. I surveyed 1072 Government websites of different departments and categorized this into 4 categories:

  1. Some company or freelancer made the website for the department and put a link back to their company website intentionally.
  2. Company or freelancer used some open source software or components and didn’t remove the links. In some cases the theme or template used to develop the government website was a free template linking back to the original developer.
  3. Website working as an online directory and linking to Pakistani banks, newspapers, organizations or telling people that there exist sites like Google, Wikipedia etc.
  4. Although a rare case but in some cases some virus infected website contains links added by the hackers.

Although I have the complete list with me but I will be sharing only a few interesting ones:

Category 1:

  • udb.gov.pk -> http://www.e-creatorz.com/
  • prsp-cmiphc.gov.pk -> http://www.usmangee.20m.com/
  • veharipolice.gov.pk -> http://hifidesigners.com/
  • yasat.gop.pk -> http://www.easy-sol.com
  • pard.gov.pk -> http://www.egravity.net
  • pwd.gok.pk -> http://www.vertexcreations.com
  • qtp.gob.pk -> http://infotechnosolutions.com
  • pqa.gov.pk -> http://www.laksol.com
  • ntc.gov.pk -> http://www.cronomagic.com
  • nha.gov.pk -> http://jicstech.com/main/
  • pitb.gov.pk -> http://shoutbox.ticketmy.com/widget/demo/w-embed
  • punjabpolice.gov.pk -> http://shoutbox.ticketmy.com/widget/demo/w-bottom
  • ombudsmanpunjab.gov.pk -> http://shoutbox.ticketmy.com/widget/demo/w-bottom
  • ppf.gop.pk -> http://shoutbox.ticketmy.com/widget/demo/w-bottom
  • newmurree.gop.pk -> http://www.nexgeninc.com
  • fvdp.gop.pk -> http://www.afcwebs.com
  • balochistan.gov.pk -> http://about.me/jaannaseer
  • bahawalpurpolice.gov.pk -> http://manaz.8m.com/
  • sindhagrimarketing.gov.pk -> http://www.gexton.com
  • shydo.gov.pk -> http://www.solutioners.com.pk
  • sdukp.gov.pk -> http://www.zaamtech.com
  • sccdp.gos.pk -> http://msarfarazkha786.blogspot.com/
  • rescue.gov.pk -> http://www.levantech.com
  • pakboi.gov.pk -> http://www.viperwebsites.com/
  • pabalochistan.gov.pk -> http://www.aesthetictech.net
  • fdma.gov.pk -> http://www.rswebsols.com
  • livestockpunjab.gov.pk -> http://www.121solutionz.com
  • larkana.gov.pk -> http://www.ampleteknologies.com
  • home.gos.pk -> http://www.ampleteknologies.com
  • gsp.gov.pk -> http://www.bohradevelopers.com/
  • expopakistan.gov.pk -> http://a2zcreatorz.com/
  • enercon.gov.pk -> http://www.360technologies.net
  • animalhusbandry.gok.pk -> http://www.gutscheingirl.de
  • cplc-lahore.gop.pk -> http://www.infobytesolutions.com
  • sindhcoal.gos.pk -> http://www.spatsoltech.com
  • customstraining.gov.pk -> http://absorbtechnologies.com/
  • npcih.gov.pk -> http://ahadsol.com/ (The whole site runs under this .gov.pk domain)

Category 2:

  • yasat.gop.pk -> http://www.dynamicdrive.com/forums/
  • pcsir-frc.gov.pk -> http://wordpress.org/
  • suparco.gov.pk -> http://www.opencube.com
  • moicop.gov.pk -> http://www.joomlaworks.gr
  • lyallpurmuseum.gov.pk -> http://wordpress.org/
  • sbi.gos.pk -> http://www.american-chillers.com
  • lrh.gov.pk -> http://www.freshjoomlatemplates.com
  • punjabfoodauthority.gov.pk -> http://www.rockettheme.com/
  • afic.gov.pk -> http://www.dhtml-menu-builder.com
  • pmic.gov.pk -> http://demo.icetheme.com/it_icemag
  • urbandirectorate.gos.pk -> http://joomla-extensions.kubik-rubik.de/
  • fcbalochistan.gov.pk -> http://www.joomla.org/
  • lieda.gov.pk -> http://www.freewebsitetemplates.com
  • ajkepa.gov.pk -> http://www.zootemplate.com
  • fic.gop.pk -> http://wowslider.com
  • lyallpurmuseum.gov.pk -> http://www.caretakerjobs.net/
  • lyallpurmuseum.gov.pk -> http://www.louisianamatch.com/
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